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"My wife was involved in an almost fatal car accident in 2006 we were barely making ends meet with both our salaries. Then after the accident we ended up with one salary. As unfortunate as it was we were also forced to sell our house. At that time all our credit cards were maxed and we were overwhelmed by the credit card companies that kept calling. Researching one night online I found Elite Financial, there were other companies but Elite had the highest rating, I called them and in my desperate times they were able to help me eliminate as much as 75% of all my debt. They were able to settle my credit card debts as well as the medical bills that kept accumulating for less than I could have possibility ever thought about. Here I am three years after debt free thanks to Elite Financial."
Mark T
Largo, FL

"I am only 25 years old; at 18 I started getting credit cards from department stores, then major cards. Not understanding the consequences of the credit cards I continued spending and spending and maxing out most of my cards thinking I can pay minimum payments and it would go away. Boy was I wrong. At 21 I was at $35,000 in debt. I couldn’t imagine having to deal with all this debt without a job; I had gotten to the point where I wasn’t able to even make the monthly payments. Unfortunately I stopped paying the credit cards. After getting my first job one of my co workers told me about Elite Financial Solutions. She was in the same situation as I was. I figured to give it a try and at first I was skeptical but they were able to work with me in paying much less a month as compared to how much I would be paying the creditors as minimum payment. It took me two years with about 5 credit cards and a repo to get all my debts settled for approx $12,000 now my credit has improved and Elite gave me the opportunity to start over." 
Lisa G
Santa Monica, CA

"After retiring my husband and I tried to continue making minimum payments on our credit cards. However, it got to the point where the minimum payments were too much. We decided not to pay the cards anymore, but then the calls became overwhelming. My daughter researched debt settlement companies and found Elite Financial Solutions. They were the only debt settlement company with an A+ rating at the time with the BBB. The representatives were very informative of the program and patient. After joining I was able to pay Elite and still have money left to take care of my living expenses. We only joined the program 16 months now and with the $56,000 in debt that we joined with we already had 2 cards settled for as low as 27%. They are absolutely amazing. Another 24 months and my husband and I will be debt free."
Natasha L
New Ipswich, NH

"Using credit cards to pay for everything became the norm for my family and me. We were good with the credit cards paying them on time paying more than the minimum amounts but still had high balances because of the lifestyles we chose. However, my wife lost her job and during the difficult times in 2008 it became nearly impossible to get a job. Unfortunately it threw us into a hole whereas our credit cards kept going up with interest and late payments. Something had to be done; I wasn’t sure which avenue to take since I didn’t know much about consolidation and settlement. Speaking to a consolidation representative was more like speaking directly to the credit cards companies their rules were strict and they had little leverage for missed payments. Considering this may be the case sometimes I needed something flexible but ultimately helpful. I called a few settlement companies; most of them required this exuberant amount of money just to start. Then I spoke to a representative by the name of Joe from Elite Financial. What he explained to me about the program was what I wanted, no contracts no obligations. Elite didn’t require all the money in one payment and they worked with me for a monthly amount that was affordable. Elite is the best there is, I would refer them to everyone I know that’s having credit cards difficulties. Another good thing is they don’t pressure you into anything you move at your own pace."
Matthew S
Reinholds, PA

"I never really understood how credit cards worked until it were too late; I am a single mom of two living mostly on credit cards. Every month I paid the minimum paying thinking I was doing the right thing. In my busy life I never really took the time to look at my statements, until one Christmas I tried using my credit card and it was declined. Looking through the statements I saw that the minimum payments wasn’t helping, I called all my credit card companies and they will all say there is nothing I can do. Talking to my aunt about the situation on a personal level she referred me to Elite. I had no idea what they did but she said they are great. I called them and they explained the program very thoroughly to me, it sounded great then I asked them what was the catch they said there isn’t a catch just look us up at the BBB. I did and they were a real company with a great rating. The took my $23,000 debt enrolled me in a 4 year program and so far I’ve had one of my big accounts settled and it shows settled on my credit report. I can’t wait to be done with the program and get my credit cleaned up."
Cynthia G
Montebello, CA

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