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Debt Settlement is a comprehensive and low-cost approach to unsecured debt management and elimination. Under Debt Settlement, a Debt Specialist negotiates with your creditors to SETTLE YOUR DEBTS FOR AMOUNTS SIGNIFICANTLY LESS THAN WHAT YOU CURRENTLY OWE, typically resulting in a 50-75% reduction of your existing debt!

Debt Settlement with Elite Financial Solutions not only saves you significant money on debt principal AND on associated interest payments, but also provides you the opportunity to pay-off your debt faster, since your debt balances are then lower! 

Debt Settlement with Elite Financial Solutions is your BEST CHOICE for resolving unsecured debt, such as credit card debt, signature loans, and collection accounts.


  • Debt Settlement Plans are comprehensive financial and strategic plans to eliminate your existing debt through proper financial management and through the settlement of your debt at significantly reduced amounts. Debt Settlement Plans are tailored to your specific situation and abilities. We take into account such things as financial condition (evaluating debt, income, and living expenses), assess the funds necessary to settle your debt, and determine the quickest and most cost-effective way to allow you to be debt-free.
  • We help you establish a monthly savings goal, so that you immediately begin reserving money toward settling your debt. We also allow you to prioritize your debts for settlement, deciding the order in which your debts are to be paid. Additionally, we help you decide the amounts for which you would be willing to settle each of your debts. We also determine how and when to most successfully negotiate with your creditors. With a Debt Settlement Plan, you have in place a strategic plan for tackling your debts and regaining financial control! 
  • With a Debt Settlement Plan by Elite Financial Solutions you also have the support, knowledge, and expertise of debt settlement professionals.



  • With Debt Settlement you can eliminate your debt by repaying only a reduced portion, typically 25-50% of existing obligations. 
  • With Debt Settlement you generally can eliminate your existing debt faster than with other approaches, usually within three years.
  • Debt Settlement does NOT affect your credit profile the way a bankruptcy would.



Debt Consolidation is an alternative approach to debt resolution. Debt Consolidation involves your obtaining a NEW loan in an amount sufficient to pay-off all your existing debt. One of the challenges with Debt Consolidation is that it involves QUALIFYING for a NEW loan. Generally it is difficult for individuals already in debt, or for those who have poor credit, to qualify for new loans. Also, borrowing your way out of debt is not the most effective approach to eliminating debt. Be aware, too, that under Debt Consolidation you are still responsible for the entire amounts of all your existing debts (unlike in Debt Settlement, where you typically pay only 30-50% of your outstanding balances).


Consumer Credit Counseling is another method people seek for debt relief. This provides a debtor the option of making one payment to a Consumer Credit Counseling Agency. This can be used effectively for individuals with high interest rates and not able to pay down their credit lines.


For some individuals, Bankruptcy is an alternative to debt resolution. Bankruptcy involves either the restructuring of repayment terms on existing debt, or the total elimination of debt. Bankruptcy, however, carries a heavy price: aside from filing fees and possible legal fees, the fact of a Bankruptcy filing REMAINS ON YOUR CREDIT PROFILE UP TO TEN YEARS, possibly affecting future applications for such things as credit, employment and housing. Bankruptcy is NOT seen as a responsible choice for reducing or eliminating debt. 

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