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Credit card debt getting the better of you? Skyrocketing interest rates on all of your cards because you were a couple of days late on one? Medical expenses and collection letters coming in every week? Drowning in personal loans? We've all been there and we know how difficult it can be when you have been a good customer for years and nobody cares or wants to hear about it. Whether you're dealing with the costs of staying healthy, day-to-day expenses, or too many impulse purchases, unbridled unsecured debt (debt without collateral) is scary. Creditors call, and you may make minimum payments, but it doesn't help. On top of those balances, you've still got daily expenses. How can you get ahead?
Consider all the options:

  • debt consolidation
  • credit counseling
  • home equity loans
  • bankruptcy

Individually, most of these “answers” aren't enough on their own or trade one problem for another as is the case with various debt consolidation schemes. Explore the options, then consider debt settlement - a viable solution that actually writes off a significant portion of the debt you owe, moving you one step closer to financial independence.
There is a better way. debt settlement with Elite Financial Solutions may be the answer.


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