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About Us

At Elite Financial, our mission is in providing the most cost effective manner possible, within your ability to pay, to resolve your debt. An individual’s financial situation can easily be altered by loss of employment, unexpected circumstances or a death in the family. We are committed to helping our clients avoid bankruptcy and offering them an honorable way to resolve their debt. Our debt settlement program is tailored to each individual’s financial needs. We analyze their debt situation, provide them with their best debt settlement options, and educate them so they may continue to live their lives DEBT FREE.


Client Service Department
Once you have enrolled in our program, this department will be your main point of contact throughout the remainder of the process. They will assist you with any questions or concerns. You can call them regarding creditor/collector issues, settlement questions, documents obtained in the mail, account questions and any other related issues. They are your guide and the experts to get you through this program successfully.

Creditor Relations Department
This department interacts with creditors/collectors on behalf of our clients. They will receive inbound direct calls from your creditors/collectors or they will contact your creditors/collectors upon request from our Client Relations Department on your behalf. They will send the Authorization signed by you allowing our Representatives to speak with them so you won’t have to. Our Creditor Relations Department will also obtain settlement offers and assist with handling harassing or inappropriate calls from creditors/collectors. This department strives to maintain a professional and positive relationship with the creditors and collectors while keeping our clients and their best interest a priority.

Settlement Department
When our clients have money saved and are ready to settle on their debts, Client Services will inform Settlement to begin negotiating. Our settlement support staff updates our clients when a reasonable settlement offer has been obtained and they will advise our clients on how to complete this phase. Advisors will always strive to provide our clients with the best customer experience in the industry.

IT Department
Elite Financial Solutions has made substantial investments in technology to support our services and processes. Our professional and dedicated IT department maintains an efficient automated structure so more focus and efforts could be placed in providing real-time genuine service and support for the clients of Elite Financial Solution.

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